Access Wheels Natural Combo 60er


Grösse: 60mm/85A
Farbe: white
Art: Freestyle Wheels
SonderpreisCHF 39.90
An Lager & versandfertig.

Give your skate a new look and a whole lot of performance. Access wheels are your entry ticket to the world of IQON and give both you as a skater and your skate an outright upgrade. These wheels in natural PU color come with our advanced URP (Ultra Reactive Polyurethane) and resistant cores in order to open you the gates to the world of urban skating and slides. This set comes with 4 round profile Access wheels, 8pcs GOLD bearings, 4pcs 10mm spacers and 4pcs 7mm spacers.


Wheel: Icon Access 60 Natural; 60mm / 85A; Ultra Reactive Polyurethane
Bearing: Icon; Gold; chrome steel
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